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Olhausen 8' Belmont Pool Table
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Olhausen 8' Belmont Pool Table


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  • Made in the USA
  • Matte Original Cherry Finish on Solid Tulipwood
  • Diamond Sites and Matching Leather Shield Pockets
  • Includes Standard Play Package and Choice of 10 Cloth Colors
  • The $200 shipping cost on this item includes assembly and installation at time of delivery. If the option of “Assembly” is available in your area, when chosen this will be delivered and installed by a local Olhausen dealer in your city.


Accu-Fast Cushions 

Not all 100% pure rubber cushions are created equal. Cheap fillers have been used in billiard cushions for years. However, more and more billiard manufactures are following Olhausen’s lead and making cushions from 100% pure gum rubber. But why settle for an imitation when you can have the cushion that has set the standard for accurate, consistent play-Accu-Fast?

Of the five grades of rubber available, only the highest grade is good enough for Accu-Fast. This premium-quality rubber is processed with proprietary chemicals and pigments to increase accuracy and produce consistent play. To prevent the tendency of rubber to revert to its natural soft state,

Olhausen also uses special “anti-reversion” chemicals. And because of scientific advances in the curing of rubber, canvas control fabric is not needed with Accu-Fast cushions.

“Accu-Fast Cushions were designed in the early 1990’s… our business has tripled since then!” – Donny Olhausen, CEO


Lumber Selection

Olhausen cures and processes its hardwood lumber to remain stable in any climate. Not only in a particular region such as the humid southeastern United States, but in the most arid climates, like the deserts of Saudi Arabia. We must do this because we are the largest pool table manufacturer in the world, shipping thousands of tables all over the globe each year.

In the early days our local lumber suppliers would grade their lumber from “construction” grade to “best available”. There was no grading above that except for what was set aside for Olhausen. We knew this because our friends in the furniture business would tell us. The lumber companies also knew that Donny would not accept anything less. Today we buy lumber from the same mills that the “local” lumber companies bought from then and the same policy still applies. Always will.



Pool Table Construction

The world’s finest slate is diamond honed to create the perfect playing surface.
Each piece of slate is rechecked at our factory for flatness and proper bolt-hole locations.

Framing the slate ensures quieter play and reduces the stress on the slate which allows a tighter, faster, professional cloth installation. We bolt through the slate liner to eliminate vibration that can cause the rail bolts to loosen.

Large slate-support area quick, more accurate installation helps keep slate flat and level. Minimizes wood movement.

Won’t bend and cross-thread.
Precise alignment and longer thread grip.
Easy installation and removal eliminates hollow spots under cushions

Accu-Fast cushions are the best playing cushions in the business.